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Under no circumstance should you steal another person's idea just because you like it; remember plagiarism is a big no no as well. 4. Not Getting a Down Payment Most Graphic Designers usually receive half of the agreed upon price up front. This is a fair way to do business with all of your clients. 5. Forgetting to Sign a ContractYou must always keep up with the latest graphic design trends, graphic design software, etc. The Graphic Artists Guide Handbook is also a must have for any professional graphic designer. Always be sure to keep your software up to date. 8. Not Setting a Deadline Not setting a deadline and sticking to it is a common mistake that is often overlooked and should be included in the agreed upon contract. Urgency to get the job done for the client should be a number one priority.

Individuation can be referred to as when “one becomes a person, an individual, a totally integrated personality.

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Most have a shelf underneath the major desk space exactly where the keyboard rests.

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The criteria for inclusion, according to the authors, is that they are ‘big ideas’ with ‘legs’; that is widespread, recurrent devices and notions, both old and new, that have enhanced graphic design practice and theory over time. More…

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Newspapers, advertising firms, technology oriented companies, and other organizations commonly employ designers. More…