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These study tours include studio visits and talks by thought leaders in the field. The students, from across the country, are also assigned independent study projects. All are working professionals and many are adjunct teachers who hope to find a full time faculty position. Others are attracted to the Children’s Book track within the MFA, which is a three year, four summers program culminating in a thesis and exhibit. There have been close to 100 books subsequently published by its grads, such as Denise Bosler’s Mastering Type and Craig Welsh’s Design: Portfolio. Grads go on to run studios, such as Welsh’s Go Welsh and David and Anna Leonard’s Hybrid Studios. Many win top industry awards: Cannes Lions, One Show Design Best of Show, DandAD, Communication Arts and Print’s Regional Design Annual among them. Welsh notes that “the graduate work helped reveal just how critical personal relationships and experiences are to informing design solutions. Whether it’s an expanded list of contacts with whom discussions and critiques can take place or exposure to new places ideas, design considerations have become broader and deeper. ” On campus, students have access to the silkscreen and letterpress print shops, and painting, sculpture and woodworking studios. The conceptual based classes include animation, web design, expressive typography and environmental design.

Other students might even get hired before they even finish their program.

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In this course we'll look at the basics for building strong layouts.

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