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While the approach they practice in design isn't appropriate for every project, it certainly helped develop my graphic range and ability to think illustratively through graphic design. The career objectives of the graphic designer run the gamut from visionary to business savvy. Throughout their careers, graphic designers often fend for themselves. As such, designers must create a recognizable brand that allows them to be free in their vision, and also attracts the right kind of business to be financially secure. These career objectives come from the variation of tasks the graphic designer has to do, such as staying up to date with industry trends, illustrating new concepts, gathering materials to help her better perform her job, and coordinating with other agencies or designers on a project. In order to reach her financial goals, the graphic designer has to aspire to be masterful in her creative life.

He is an AIGA Fellow, and Fellow of the International Design Conference at Aspen.

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From scientific journals to news reporting, the presentation of opinion and facts is often improved with graphics and thoughtful compositions of visual information known as information design.

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